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Air DTOX is a process that :

ATTACKS molds and spores

The presence of mold on structures and building materials carry contaminants to indoor air and will affect the health of the occupants. Once a mold problem is identified and the source of moisture is known, our detoxification treatment should be done immediately, regardless of whether or not the exposed individuals have symptoms. RESULTS ARE IMMEDIATE.

ATTACKS bacteria, parasites

Our detoxification treatment contributes to the fight against nosocomial diseases and the prevention of infectious diseases. It is important for people at risk of infection.

ATTACKS bad odors

Do you want to get rid of lingering odors in your home? Our detoxification treatment is a naturel way to get rid of nasty mold and mildew odors instantly.

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A breath of fresh air!

The quality and purity of our formula is an essential element for our company. Your health is at the heart of our concerns which is why we offer 100% natural and organic products.

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Air DTOX is a revolutionary process

Air DTOX uses a unique formula that cleans the contaminated air and significantly reduces the amount of mold, mold spores and bacteria in the air. This treatment helps eliminate the cause of several symptoms.


Support by certified laboratory reports.

Our unique process of micro-dispersion and atomization of molecules diffuses the product and allows deep penetration into the materials.


We use a powerful and unique blend of essential oils 100% pure and natural.


Affordable for homeowners and renters.

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